You’re Grounded Quartz Infused Bath Salts
You’re Grounded Quartz Infused Bath Salts
You’re Grounded Quartz Infused Bath Salts

You’re Grounded Quartz Infused Bath Salts

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What is grounding? Grounding is a method of connecting your energy to the energy of the earth and balancing your root chakra. 

Why is it important to ground yourself? When your grounded and your root chakra is in balance you feel centered, less chaotic, calm and peaceful, reduced anxiety, emotionally balanced, less fearful, ability to focus.  You have a sense of trust that brings peace and wellbeing in your surroundings and with people.  Just to name a few!

What aspects does the root or base chakra hold? The root chakra carries energies that are associated with your sense of security, your well being, your family dynamic, who you are and what you believe in.  Your basic needs for survival. Your core. 

How can you tell if your root chakra needs to be balanced?  If you are experiencing a pattern of trust issues with people or situations, disconnect from nature, lack of self identity, suffering from childhood trauma or family wounds, have a pattern of being fearful of people or situations, not feeling safe to be your authentic self then your root/base chakra might needs some attention. 

How can I bring my root chakra into balance? There are numerous ways to balance the root chakra. Some methods include meditation, grounding exercises, changing habits,  yoga, crystals,  essential oils and diet. You can use one, all, or any combination of them.

How can the you're grounded bath salts help me? The "You're Grounded" bath salts use 4 methods to balance your root energy center.  Meditation, Crystals, Essential Oils and grounding exercises. 


The Ingredients:

To start with Water and Salts! Both are excellent grounding elements that connect you with earth energy.  Ever notice being drawn to water and the calming effect it has on you? 

Epsom salt for magnesium absorption which aids with inflammation and stress relief.

Pacific Black Lava Sea Salt for it's mineral rich activated charcoal and detoxifying abilities.

Natural Organic Lavender for an earthy tranquil calm that helps with stress relief and mediation. 

Organic Vetiver Essential Oil gives the feeling of comfort, belonging and safety. It's like a big hug that assists with deep relaxation.  + polysorbate 80 to disperse the essential oils making them safe for your skin as well as helping to keep your tub from being stained by the activated charcoal ;)


Finally a very generous amount of Smoky Quartz chips and a nice point for you to hold.  The crystals were cleansed with sage smoke and set with the intention to remove negative energies and promote a feeling of calm and openness to a healing meditation.  You may want to cleanse and reset the intentions of the crystals yourself to bring them into balance with your being.

For the meditation, it is my recommendation that you begin by finding a playlist with a frequency of 7.83 hz. There are numerous "Schumann Resonance" playlists to chose from. Some sound just like sound waves and some are nature sounds. 7.83 is the earths frequency.  

Next, take the smoky point in your receiving hand (left), and practice deep breathing in sets of 3, followed by shallow breathing. Try to visualize a red light at your base.  Place your hands on your pelvic bone or on your hips and mindfully ask your root energy center what it needs to feel balanced. If you feel your mind wander, it's ok.  Bring it back by 3 deep breaths and then return to shallow breathing and refocus your attention back to what your energy center needs for balancing.  

Journaling after a meditation is a good practice for remembering your insights between chakra meditations.  They can assist you with more in-depth self learning as you practice more chakra balancing.  

Love and Light 


Crystal Infused baths are non toxic using natural crystals, small batch and created with sustainably sourced and wild craft grown ingredients.

New WT 5.1 oz 1-2 uses per package

Formulated to not stain your tub, mild residue may be present and cleans easily.

The powers of crystals and stones are never a substitute for medical advice.  If you have concerns about your physical or mental health, you should immediately contact a qualified medical professional. 




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