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Witches Mini Scrying Mirror

Witches Mini Scrying Mirror

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Antique inspired frame. Convex scrying mirror, velvet lined back.

2” Tall x 1.25” Wide

Comes with leather cord.

Can upgrade to a 16” chain.

Handcrafted by me
Includes a stand, guide and small gift
to cleanse and consecrate the mirror.

🪞 For you see before you a glimpse into the shadows.
Illuminate yourself and embrace your magick. Here you’ll find the key to your kingdom 🪞

🪞The art of scrying is an ancient divination practice of gazing into a reflective surface to engage the third eye and and activate psychic intuition. By relaxing the eyes, you awaken the third eye and are able to receive information.
🪞Scrying can be extremely helpful in personal growth and healing.
🪞The oval/round mirror represents oneness and is generally associated with the eye.
🪞The oval/round mirror is know as the life force energy for seeing the soul and glimpsing the shadows.
🪞One is best useful for scrying and meditation, spirit communication and self improvement magick.
🪞Black mirrors hold powerful magick that is best worked with on a black moon 🌙
🪞These mirrors are tools in which to gaze upon and use as a focal point for visualization to receive information that we can try to interpret.


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