The Enchanted Tarot: 25th Anniversary Edition
The Enchanted Tarot: 25th Anniversary Edition
The Enchanted Tarot: 25th Anniversary Edition

The Enchanted Tarot: 25th Anniversary Edition

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With 78 stunningly beautiful tarot cards (3.3" × 6.5"), a 208-page book, and a velvet tarot bag all neatly enclosed in a box, the 25th anniversary edition of The Enchanted Tarot is a divinatory treasure.

Since it was first published in 1992, the beautifulEnchanted Tarot deck has become a firm favorite with Tarot readers around the world. This special 25th anniversary edition has been updated and expanded with a new introduction from best-selling author Monte Farber and visionary artist Amy Zerner, as well as a “quick read” for every Tarot card in the book.

The extraordinary collage images created by Amy Zerner as fabric tapestries weave a richly detailed fantasy world that is impossible to resist. Theaccompanying book by Monte Farber offers you guidance derived from your dream and waking states of mind and your resulting state of enchantment. A novel three-fold approach guides you through the interpretation of each card:

  • The Dream—a gentle fable that reveals the fabric of each card’s allegorical meaning by weaving a tale explaining the action and symbols portrayed
  • The Awakening—brings the lesson of each story into our conscious mind for evaluation and assimilation so it may be used as a tool for guidance and personal growth
  • The Enchantment—the link between our waking world and the Land of Our Dreams, including healing rituals, charms, chants, and spells to reinforce our awareness of the magical world and our ability to draw on its power

Whether you want to do an instant tarot reading to help with daily decision-making, or use it for a full forecast of your year, The Enchanted Tarot is a perfect resource. Used regularly, The Enchanted Tarot will give you access to the wisdom of your Higher Self, offer you guidance for every day, andilluminate your life.



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