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Spiritual Tarot Deck and Guidebook

Spiritual Tarot Deck and Guidebook

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Touch the spiritual realm in a compelling new way with this stunning tarot. Featuring imagery that was intuitively channeled by visual medium Cristina Tarika di Maggio, this deck reveals dazzling truths in every reading. Spiritual Tarot presents entrancing scenes of power and grace that nurture your soul and improve your intuition in a variety of ways. Lucia Mattioli's artwork will inspire you with every flip of the cards.


About the Author


Cristina Tarika di Maggio has been a spiritual coach for more than twenty years, offering training courses, individual and group sessions, and more. She also teaches at AMA Accademia Metafisica Applicata in Florence, Italy.

Lucia Mattioli is the creator of multiple tarot decks, including Fairy Lights Tarot.

Francesca Fravolini is an Italian illustrator, animater, and graphic designer. She has worked with Stranemani International, BAM!, and the Fabbrica Europa Festival.

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