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Selenite Cleansing Bar

Selenite Cleansing Bar

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Selenite - The Wellness Workers Spiritual Tool 

The powerful vibration can open, clear and activate the crown and higher chakras allowing deep peace, deeper understanding, insight, clears confusion and judgment.

Excellent in spiritual work and meditation. Use for sparking imagination and inspiration.

A protection stone, can shield a person or space from outside influences.

A cleansing stone, can cleanse the aura and other stones. Use as a resting place for other stones when not in use. 

Crown Chakra 

High Vibration 

Mohs Hardness Scale 2

International Gem Society Toxicity - None Known

Each stone weighs approx 40g and is 2” in length

Size, color and shape may vary.

Stones sold individually.


When using crystals, you are doing so at your own risk.  Be aware that certain minerals and crystals can be toxic and/or radioactive.  Use care and caution when handling crystals.

Do not ingest crystals, minerals, or gem elixers without first consulting a licensed physician.

The powers of crystals and stones are never a substitute for medical advice.  If you have concerns about your physical or mental health, you should immediately contact a qualified medical professional. 

Mystik Bliss is not liable for any injury or damages arising from, or in connection with the handling or use of crystals.

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