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Mystik Bliss 23

Tiny Rutile Quartz Tower

Tiny Rutile Quartz Tower

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The brightest energy that will light up your soul. The sacred stone is unlike other stones as it is made up of a material titanium oxide that alone serves as an energetic magnifier that gives out healing energy.

One of the many values of Rutile Quartz is the inclusions within the stone as it is transparent with various different versions of inclusions. The unique inclusions set a high energetic field. One of the few stones that can cleanse and unblock all of the chakras. Since it influences all the chakras it will help you stay aligned.

The glowing bright strands of light restore your energy as they revitalize the body. This gemstone is known as “Venus hair” as it inspires passion and creativity. A stone that will help enhance physical and mental stability. Diminishes self-doubt, fear, and depression. Rutilated Quartz gives you the new energy you need to surpass difficult challenges. Clears the mind to confront any issue that may come your way. Rutile Quartz gives emotional support as it will help with feelings of stress, guilt, or loneliness enabling you to overcome them and recognize them. As your doubt disappears it allows for a better flow to make decisions. A stone to relieve any fears or phobias. Wearing Gold Rutilated Quartz enhances the ability to provide new opportunities and direction. Enhances creativity as it quiets the mind. Rutile Quartz creates a connection with the divine as it illuminates the soul for spiritual growth.




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