Entering Hekates Garden
Entering Hekates Garden
Entering Hekates Garden

Entering Hekates Garden

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Sacred Seven Altar

This ritual is suitable for any evocation of the Sacred Seven within and without. Perform it regularly to stay connected to your power source. Corpus here refers to the physical being. In this ritual, the powers of the Sacred Seven are merged with your corporeal self, in addition to activating your slumbering soul powers. Thus, it is truly a ritual that unleashes your power as a practitioner of plant-spirit witchcraft. Connecting to these primal forces attunes you to their refl ections in the botanicals with which you work. It represents a download of the knowledge of these core archetypes of all the universe, symbolized by Hekate’s crown.

Triple Goddess Altar

The magickal creation that will contain the energy of a spell is known as magikeia. This can be a potion, a talisman, a sigil, a poppet, or even an altar. One of my favorite forms of magikeia is to create an altar with a candle, a card, and a botanical. This incorporates the sacred Triformis energy of the Triple Goddesses, representing wholeness and creation. The three-part spell can consist of correspondences that are additive or complementary. Additive correpondences are botanicals (and other spirits) that have similar properties evoked into the spell so that they amplify the overall power because of their homogeneity. Complementary correspondences are those which have disparate abilities that we combine into a whole spell.

Saturn Binding Spell

The basic technique for binding ingredients into a spell is done through the instructions we give the spirits we are working with. Some botanicals are easier to direct than others. There are specialist pharmakoi who are excellent at binding other spell ingredients together, like birch and skullcap. As you develop your spells, consider how you will achieve the coagulation—the binding together—of the various components. How will the botanicals be synergistically merged? We often seek to bind others in our spells, in the same way we use our directions to control the ingredients in them. Binding is about combining and control.

Pharmakeia Lucerna

The process of infusing botanical spirits into candles (pharmakeia lucerna) is one of the most versatile forms of spellcraft. You can use scented candles, as long as they contain actual botanical essences, to evoke the spirits and direct them into your spell. More effective is to add the botanicals you chose for the spell to the candle. The simplest technique is to place the botanicals around the base of the candle, drawing out their properties and then merging them with the candle through your intentional directions. Candles in the elemental colors are excellent choices, for you can summon the corresponding elemental spirit in addition to Fire.

A guide to plant spirit ritual and witchcraft, with practical instruction on the use of botanicals especially associated with the beloved goddess Hekate and her daughters Circe and Medea.

Bringing pharmakeia (the practice of plant spirit witchcraft) into contemporary times, Entering Hekate’s Garden merges historical knowledge with modern techniques. In it, author Cyndi Brannen offers her extensive insight into Hekatean ritual and witchcraft and especially its application to the Green World. The book features detailed monographs dedicated to 39 plants ranging from the esoteric such as aconite, American mandrake, and damiana to the accessible including bay laurel, dandelion, fennel, garlic, juniper, and lavender.

This book blends traditional methods with the author's personal approach, emphasizing her understanding of plant spirits as allies in the witch’s journey. It includes a new taxonomy for interpreting plant energies, methods for creating new correspondences, the importance of layering, using botanicals in spells, rituals, altars, and more, as well as ways to develop meaningful relationships with the pharmakoi (master plant spirits). Poetry, petitions, and musings about pharmakeia are woven throughout.

Entering Hekate’s Garden takes readers deep into the mystical world of botanical witchery in a way no other book has before.



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