✨ Restocked ✨Shadow Love Magic Bath Salts
✨ Restocked ✨Shadow Love Magic Bath Salts

✨ Restocked ✨Shadow Love Magic Bath Salts

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Shadow Love Sparkling Magic Bath with Moonstone

When the day is a little too heavy and the mind is full of self doubt we connect with our shadow self. The darker hidden side of our personality and self.
Shadow can be embraced when we learn to love all sides of self, including the darker sides we so often like to hide. Rather than hide the next time shadow appears try taking a time out and practice self love instead. The Shadow Love Magic Bath was blended with protective and supportive aromas and herbs to support healing and promote unconditional self- love.
Enjoy  a deeply relaxing and meditative bath with an aromatic blend of Jasmine, Black Pepper and Rose essential oils with Lavender, black widow dahlias and Angelica botanicals. Jojoba oil soothes the and leaves the skin feeling silky soft.  Moonstone chips have been added to the blend to open the heart chakra to receive loving white healing energies that flow through us to the core of our being. Moonstone is also said to stimulate confidence, and enhance the positive attributes of creativity and self expression. Helps balance emotional states, by soothing and relieving stress.

Magic baths are small batch and created with sustainably sourced, organic and wild craft grown ingredients.

New WT 5.1 oz 1-2 uses per package

Formulated to not stain your tub, mild residue may be present and cleans easily.




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