Mission Statement

Mystik Bliss is a boutique for the mystics, free spirits, witches, moon lovers, sun chasers, dreamers, and healers. 

Hi! My name is Jaime. I am the owner of Mystik Bliss. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter,  a friend, a dreamer and a self healer on a mystical journey to find myself, believe in my self and love myself, unconditionally. 

I believe in self love, acceptance, balance, growth, courage and positivity. I also believe that shadow, fear, negativity, doubt, shame, ego and unhealed trauma can trick you into believing you’re not good enough. I believe it takes courage and encouragement to bring the light and the dark into balance, so that self love truly is unconditional and attainable. 

It is my mission with Mystik Bliss to share my journey with anyone who wishes to follow, encourage anyone who needs it, teach anyone willing to learn, and remind everyone that “you are meant to do great things, you are love, you are light; even in the dark”. Also, everything is magic - the secret lies in believing.

I can only lead you as far as I’ve come. I promise to keep going.




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