Meet the Maker


Hi! My name is Jaime. I am the shop keeper at Mystik Bliss. I am a wife, a mom,  a creative, a dreamer, a self healer and a crafty little witch on a mystical journey to find myself, believe in myself and love myself, unconditionally and authentically. 

I am an 🜁 | my ☉ ↠ ♊︎ | ☾ ↠ ♋︎ | ↟↟↟  ♌︎ and I truly represent all of these amazing attributes in this crazy contradictory combination. I am learning to embrace this beautiful dynamic that makes me, me... and I absolutely love to spread my wings and expand. My soul is connected to nature, I love the color pink and all that glitters, I love to travel to far off places, I have a wondrous fairytale like imagination, and I am constantly inspired by the world around me.

It is my mission with Mystik Bliss to share my creations and the tools that have helped me open my mind and heart to an amazing soul journey to awareness and healing.  

Mystik Bliss is a small woman owned business (just me). I create and craft from just about every room in my home as well as my garden for those waking up, the mystics, free spirits, moon lovers, sun chasers, dreamers, witches, healers and the ones still trying to find their way.

In the shop you will find an assortment of handcrafted jewelry, bath products, and greeting cards; all crafted by me. You'll also find updated vintage items, crystals, books and divination tools ( I make some of these too). Most items are small batch, one of a kind and limited quantities. I do accept custom requests and love to connect and collaborate with others! 

I sell my products online, as well as at two different artisan marketplaces. You can find me at The Ashland Emporium in booth #591 Ashland Oregon & at the G Street Marketplace in Grants Pass Oregon. I hope you'll stop by and say hello!

Thank you all for stopping by, 





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