Witches Convex Scrying Mirror

Witches Convex Scrying Mirror

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Vintage ornate rectangular frame with velvet frame stand. Convex scrying mirror.

4.5” Tall x 3.5” Wide 

 The art of scrying is an ancient divination practice of gazing into a reflective surface to engage the third eye and and activate psychic intuition. By relaxing the eyes, you awaken the third eye and are able to receive information. Scrying can be extremely helpful in personal growth and healing. These mirrors are merely tools in which to gaze upon and use as a focal point for visualization to receive information that we can try to interpret.
The convex mirror gives the gazer a broader window of interpretation. One is best useful for scrying and meditation, spirit communication and self improvement magick. Black mirrors hold powerful magick that is best worked with on a black moon 🌙



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