Lunar Living 2023 Weekly Planner

Lunar Living 2023 Weekly Planner

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Lunar Living 2023 Weekly Planner is your new go-to companion for organizing your life in tune with every phase of the moon, and finding stability in the lunar energy along the way.

Take a magic-infused journey through the year with this weekly planner inspired by the otherworldly power of the moon. This unique planner invites you on a mystical planning and scheduling experience, whether for work, school, or your daily life from July 2022 through December 2023. Infused with spells tailored to specific moon phases, this planner helps you actively manifest your intentions, soothe stress, unblock your creativity, and much more. This incandescent planner is designed for those curious about the magic of the moon and seasoned practitioners. 
This planner features:

  • Stunningly artful full-page descriptions of the moon of the month, its energy, history, and folklore.
  • Full-page step-by-step instructions for spells purposefully paired with the moon phase of the month. 
  • Weekly incantations, crystal mysticism, and fun facts to inform your week and spark spiritual nourishment.
  • Moon phases on each monthly calendar so you can track when your spell work is at its most potent.
  • 18 full-month calendar spreads from July 2022 through December 2023
  • 72 weeks with plenty of space to write.
  • Convenient size ideal for carrying in a bookbag, briefcase, or purse.

This planner is great for personal use, but also makes a bewitching gift that’s perfect for necromancers of all ages, students, anyone with a busy work schedule, or your industrious friends and family. Activate your productivity and nourish your inner luminescence with Lunar Living 2023 Weekly Planner.



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